We firmly uphold the Holy Scriptures of the Bible as the sole and absolute divine revelation. We steadfastly believe in the eternal oneness of God, who is simultaneously the Father, the Son, and the Spirit, each distinct but not separate. We assert that Christ embodies both the totality of God and the perfect man. Retaining His divinity, He was born of a human virgin, led an authentic human life on earth, and died a vicarious and all-inclusive death on the cross. After three days, He resurrected in body and ascended to the heavens, existing in glory, wholly God yet wholly man. We anticipate His impending return with the kingdom of God, through which He will rule over the earth in the millennium and forever in eternity. We acknowledge that the Spirit, the third entity of the Trinity, is equally God. Everything the Father possesses and embodies is expressed by the Son, and everything the Son possesses and embodies is actualised as the Spirit. We also believe that humanity is absolutely in need of God’s salvation. Despite our complete inability to meet the stringent demands of God’s righteousness, sanctity, and glory, Christ met all these requirements through His death on the cross. Due to Christ’s death, God has pardoned our sins, justified us by making Christ our righteousness, and reconciled us to Himself. Based on Christ’s redemption, God regenerates the redeemed with His Spirit to consummate His salvation, enabling them to become His children. Now endowed with God’s life and nature, we experience a daily salvation in His Body in this age, and the eternal salvation in the forthcoming age and forever. In eternity, we will reside with God in the New Jerusalem, the culmination of God’s salvation of His elect.